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Cat Trees, Cat Condos and Cat Towers
Whatever the size space in which you want your Kitty Korner Cat Furniture,
or whatever number of cats you have, we have a solution for you.
The difference is size, height and number of perches.

Kitty Korner teaches kitties to be the best climbers on the block.
Cat Trees fit in smaller spaces and are ideal for kittens. Cat Condos are a level or two taller and can be set up in a corner or on a flat wall in any room in your home. Cat Towers are one or two levels taller, designed for 9ft. or higher ceilings, and easily accommodate four large cats at a time. Each size utilizes a sisal rope scratching post integrated into the design. Our 1/2 inch thick natural sisal rope tightly wrapped on a post provides the best place for your cat to do those necessary grooming, stretching and clawing chores that are essential to a cat's health and well being.

Cat Condos and Cat Towers will take your cats right up to the ceiling where a top perch will undoubtedly become the favorite place to curl up and relax for yet another cat nap. High above the ground and out of harms way cats sleep easy without a care in the world. And there is never a worry about safety because Kitty Korner Cat Furniture is firmly anchored to studs in the wall, providing solid, stable treelike support. Cats quickly sense the security Kitty Korner offers them and will quickly claim it as their own. You can then quickly make claim to the rest of the furniture in your home.
So whether you have new kittens wanting to improve their climbing skills and looking for a place to scratch, or you have mature cats needing daily climbing activity that works to keep them vital and fit, we have a cat furniture solution for every need.

Cat furniture designed for your cats needs

Our cat furniture design speaks to the feline nature in every cat. The design works with a cat's natural instincts to effectively satisfy his needs, while, at the same time, enhance his health and well-being. To entice a cat to climb our cat furniture design takes advantage of a cat’s love of heights, and their desire to perch in high places. Our tall cat condos and cat towers have ceiling high cat perches that cats find hard to resist. Once on the structure, the stair-step design allows cats of any ability to easily maneuver up to the top perch and back down again. While exploring a Kitty Korner a cat quickly senses the stable, sturdy nature of the structure and, because he loves to climb, he eagerly welcomes the sense of support and security the design offers as he moves from perch to perch. As your cat becomes more familiar with the terrain of a Kitty Korner structure, climbing becomes more confident and begins to improve. Cats enjoy the game of striving to improve their strength, agility and speed when climbing. It is the high feline appeal of this game that keeps cats coming back daily to climb, romp and have fun. And you can be sure that all this added climbing activity helps cats get the regular exercise they need for optimum health, fitness, and vitality. By helping cats to improve their overall well-being we can help insure they have longer, happier, healthier lives. Kitty Korner's unique design works to maximize climbing and the benefit for your cats.
Cats love to scratch sisal rope posts whether at the bottom or high up on top.

Space saving design
Fits any corner or wall space

Secure stable climbing structures
Easy to climb stair-step design

Keeps cats active, vital and fit
Kitty Korner with 5 perches set up in minimal space between a television and video  rack.
Kitty Korner cat furniture is ideal for 2 or more cats since cats easily maneuver around one another while going up or while coming down the structure.
Comfortable 1/2" thick plush pile carpet
Extra-durable 1/2" thick sisal rope
Modular design- economical and expandable
Create custom designs to fit your home



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"I only wish I could have sent motion, as well as still pictures, to demonstrate just how truly uninhibited my young, athletic feline friend is on his 'jungle gym'. He literally tears up and down the post, jumps easily between platforms and sometimes even spins around the upper post, as if in hot pursuit of some imaginary prey. Thank you for such a well designed product. Take care!"         Rebecca, Redondo Beach
Free feather cat toy with any Kitty Korner Cat Tree, Cat Condo or Cat Tower

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