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3 Tips for designing a minimalist office room

3 Tips for designing a minimalist office room

Minimalist office design can make the work atmosphere more productive because this design can create a spacious and spacious atmosphere. Here are the steps and small office design tips that can be done to design a small office with a modern minimalist feel. So, the limited office space is not a reason to make the office atmosphere not conducive. It’s because the area of the room can be dealt with in several ways so that it still creates a healthy work environment. Apart from that, you might also want to take a look at the 10 Best Home Decor.

Non-Permanent Insulation

Non-permanent bulkhead can be used and made an option for offices that are not too broad. By using this screen, employees will still be able to communicate well with each other, without being blocked by full walls. Choose a partition that has a height of about 150 centimeters or as high as an adult’s chest. Don’t use a full wall. That way, the office will also feel wider without a lot of obstacles.

Simple furniture

Use furniture in terms of size and simple design. That way, furniture will be more easily managed and decorated. Try to use furniture with a rectangular shape. Do not use furniture that has geometry and shapes that are too complicated, because it will be difficult to arrange the furniture. While furniture with a round shape will take up more space.

Use a Shared Table

If employees need privacy when working, the office can be designed using desk cubicles. Staff usually do not need their own space, so this model table can be selected. But if it is not too urgent, then there is no need to use this concept and you can use a shared table. That way, the work atmosphere will be felt closer between employees. Communication is also easier to do.

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