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Apartments Can Be More Beneficial Than Hotels

Apartments Can Be More Beneficial Than Hotels

If you often do business trips, you can rent an apartment for the short term. Indeed, apartments usually do not provide room service or cleaning services but you can enjoy complete facilities that you do not find when staying in a hotel. Aside from that, if you want to buy a condo instead of renting an apartment or a hotel room, perhaps you need to check out the Piermont Grand EC.

Here are the benefits of renting an apartment compared to staying in a hotel:

Lower costs

Especially if you live in the city center for more than a week, renting an apartment can be cheaper than paying a hotel room per night. Even if you choose the cheapest apartment, the cost of one week’s stay will be quite large. You can use the same amount of money to rent an apartment for one month. Therefore, if you want a place to stay for a longer period of time, an apartment is more recommended if you wish to save more money. Although hotels can be more luxurious, it may drain your wallet quickly, especially if you really need to stay in that area for quite a while. So we highly recommend you to choose to rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel if you have a plan to stay in a specific area for a long time.


Hotels are usually in commercial areas, you are not free to reach public areas and look for cheap food. When you rent an apartment, you choose the environment you want. You can choose apartments that are close to housing, close to pedestrian access, and close to parks or restaurants and cafes.


Not all hotels provide flat-screen TVs and hair dryers in their hotel rooms. While you can get the facilities you need in the apartment. If you don’t mind cleaning your own room, you can choose an apartment that has been equipped with kitchen equipment. This will be better when you want to invite people to eat together.

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