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Assisted Living Recommendation for Seniors Near Me

Assisted Living Recommendation for Seniors Near Me

Assisted living may be the right place to retire with a comfortable and welcoming environment. It is actually a place for seniors who want to live alone or require assistance to manage their condition. Assisted living Lincoln NE offers the best services include living spaces, medical care, and personal care depending on the individual needs. There are staff or nurses that ready to taking care and monitoring the resident for 24 hours a day and also available if they need emergency care.

If you are interested to take your retired parents, here are the complete lists of assisted living recommendation for seniors.

Top 2 Assisted Living for Seniors Near Me

1. The Independence Houses: Specialized Assisted Living

The Independence Houses: Specialized Assisted Living provides assisted living, nursing home care, and Alzheimer’s care. It can be an alternative for individuals with Alzheimer or dementia at all stages who need assistance for monitoring and routine chores to avoid wandering. For additional, the resident can house individuals who have mobility but require support with completing routine tasks. This assisted living Lincoln NE features a lot of amenities and services include daily exercise programs, arts and crafts, and off-site field trips.
For medical the services, they offered with speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medication, nurses on site, many more. They also offer multiple personal services that include laundry and transportation service.

2. Bickford of Lincoln

Bickford of Lincoln is assisted living Lincoln NE that offers assisted living and nursing home care. This assisted living to provide so many amenities and services, such as memory care, personalized care, socialization, mobility assistance, medication assistance, health care coordination, maintenance free and dining experience. Bickford of Lincoln will work with you whether it is at home or in the hospital to make your loved ones comfortable. They can help you to work with your hospital, doctor, and insurance as easy as possible.

Those are assisted living Lincoln NE recommendation for seniors. Make sure you choose the best assisted living your loved ones.

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