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Based on the Material, These Are Some Types of Houses That Are Popular

Based on the Material, These Are Some Types of Houses That Are Popular

For home roof selection, of course, you can choose many types of roofs from different materials. You can do this because now there are many different types of roofs that you can choose. So, all you have to do next is to choose the right roofing service. You can use the services of roofing Arlington TX for perfect installation and don’t waste your time.

There are so many types and roofing materials that you can choose and adapt to your various needs. Based on the material, these are some roofs which are currently quite popular and used by many people.

1. The roof of a house made of ceramic
Offering aesthetic glazing finish, this type of ceramic roof is ready to give a luxurious impression to your home. Not only that, the type of ceramic roof is superior because it is durable, durable, resistant to fire, minimal maintenance, environmentally friendly and uses an interlock system for installation.
But the drawback of this type of ceramic roof is that it is very easy to break, less resistant to the wind, cannot be attached to the roof of the house with a slope of more than 30 ° so that the water does not leak and flow perfectly.

2. The roof of a concrete house
The type of concrete roofs currently applied to a minimalist style of the house because it carries a modern style. In addition to aesthetics, of course, this type of roof is very sturdy because it is made of concrete and iron.
With its long-lasting advantages, minimal maintenance and fire resistance, houses with concrete roof construction have a number of disadvantages such as durability which is less prime to the wind, weighs heavily, thus affects the duration of the installation, and the high selling price.

3. The roof of the house from asphalt
Many people choose the type of asphalt roof because it is practical in installation, is light in weight, fireproof, windproof, anti-fungus, and can be worn on a tilted roof up to 90 °. Unfortunately, this type of asphalt roof is famous for its expensive and environmentally friendly prices.

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