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Behavioral Counseling Techniques

Behavioral Counseling Techniques

In counseling, marriage counselors OKC combines several techniques to achieve maximum results of mindset changes and behaviors desired by the Client. It is impossible to use only one technique. Here are some techniques in marriage counseling.

– Assertive Exercises
This technique is used to train Clients who have difficulty expressing themselves that their actions are worthy or true. This exercise is especially useful in helping individuals who are unable to express feelings of offense, the difficulty of not expressing, expressing affection and other positive responses. The way used is with role play with counselor guidance. Group discussions can also be applied in this assertive practice.

– Systematic Desensitization
Systematic desensitization is a behavioral counseling technique that focuses on helping to calm the Client from the tension experienced by teaching clients to relax. The essence of this technique is to eliminate negatively reinforced behavior and include responses that are contrary to the behavior that will be eliminated. With classical conditioning, unwanted responses can be gradually eliminated. So systematic desensitization is essentially a relational technique used to remove negatively reinforced behavior usually anxiety, and it includes responses that are contrary to the behavior to be eliminated.

– Conditioning Aversi
This technique can be used to eliminate bad habits. This technique is intended to increase the sensitivity of the client to observe the response to his favored stimulus with the opposite of the stimulus. The unpleasant stimuli presented are given simultaneously with the appearance of undesired behavior. This conditioning is expected to form an association between undesirable behavior and an unpleasant stimulus.

– Model Behavior Formation
This technique can be used to form new behaviors on the Client, and reinforce the already established behavior. In this case, the Counselor shows the Client about the behavior of the model, can use the audio model, physical model, living model or other that is observed and understood the type of behavior to be emulated. Successful behavior gets rewarded from a counselor. Rewards can be praised as a social reward.

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