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Best Marketing Strategy to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Best Marketing Strategy to Increase Your Blog Traffic

There are lots of marketing strategies to increase the traffic on your blog, whether it’s official websites or personal blogs. If we don’t have the right marketing strategy, you won’t be able to get anything. Because you will compete with approximately 4.71 billion webpages throughout the world. There are several marketing strategies available, and many are questioning ‘is wealthy affiliate a scam?’ The answer is no. This method actually contributes to many marketing strategies that are needed by your blog. Here are some marketing strategies that can increase your blog traffic from that method.

1. Guest Post

Guest Post is the first strategy that you can use. In this method, you will be a guest writer for other websites. This guest post used to be one of the off site SEO methods to provide backlinks, but since the existence of Google Panda, Google Penguin, and so on, people began to turn to the Guest Post. There was a problem with the Guest Post because of several reasons. One of them is because links with rel = “do-follow” are considered as link schemes or link manipulations that violate Google quality guidelines.

2. Active in various forums

By being active in various forums, you will be widely known by many people. If you are famous, you can promote your blog easily. You can introduce your blog in places like social media, forums, groups, and make good comments on other people’s blogs. That way, you can also increase your blog traffic.

3. Video Marketing
Video marketing is an effective communication medium to place on the content that you post on the blog. Video marketing is also one of the marketing strategies that can increase traffic on a blog. Examples of video marketing like vlog.

Those are discussions about marketing strategies that can increase traffic on your blog. As time goes by, you must find the strategy that is right for you. That way, your blog will become popular in the world of blogging. Hopefully the article above can help you!

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