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Cannabis or Alcohol, Which Is More Dangerous?

Cannabis or Alcohol, Which Is More Dangerous?

Questions about more which hazards between cannabis or alcohol are still often debated. The pattern of use between marijuana and alcohol which is often used in the long run makes them very difficult to compare. The harmful effects of alcohol and marijuana consumption, both new will show health effects in the long run. So, is it more dangerous for marijuana or alcohol? Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) or also called marijuana is a cultivation crop that is often misused. Marijuana leaves contain tetrahydrocannabinol compounds or often abbreviated as THC which have psychoactive effects or can affect the brain nerves and psychiatric conditions. The most typical effect when sucking on marijuana leaves is euphoria or happiness to laugh for no reason, then be followed by hallucinations or see things that are not real. Because the effect directly triggers behavior change, marijuana is always seen as something very dangerous. A study conducted by a group of scientists from Germany and Canada at least noted that there are 10 substances that are more deadly than marijuana, including some legal substances, such as cannabidiol, alcohol, and nicotine, which are contained in a cigarette.

The danger of marijuana or alcohol is still often debated. In a study published in the journal Scientific Report, writing that excessive amounts of alcohol were 100 times more dangerous than using marijuana. According to this study, the risk of marijuana is still much lower than alcohol. In the study, the researchers calculated the health risks of each drug by looking at a measure called the exposure margin (MOE) which was the ratio for the ratio of the amount of drug needed to kill someone. The calculation method is simple if the MOE ratio is low, the drug is deadly. When tested, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, has a MOE of more than 100. This means it does not fit the criteria of “killing” MOE. Conversely, the ratio of MOE from alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and nicotine is in the number 10. A sufficient ratio of numbers to take someone’s life.

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