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How to Charge E-cig Battery

How to Charge E-cig Battery

If you get confused on how to charge the battery of e-cigarette properly for a maximal result, why don’t you go for e cigarette charger guide from Fresh Mist? Charging the vape is one of many important things to take into consideration when you decide to vape. In general, nobody wants to experience unexpected vaping process, even more, if it’s caused by the battery life of e-cig. Does this sound to be true?

Battery used in vaping is battery that can be re-charged like hp and other electronic equipment but vape batteries have big ampere character because it is designed for vape usually 20 30 or 40 amperes and you must understand you should not be arbitrary replace the mod vape battery you must it is recommended to vape if you break your own responsibility.

To charge vaping batteries there are 2 ways that are external or with battery removed or charging using external or internal charger by directly connecting USB to mod vaping that. Many users out there usually recommend the use of external charger because it feels more secure because the battery removed and average vapers charge the battery with an external charger. Then it is not possible to charge the batteries directly plug into the mod? The answer is okay but usually if the direct charging battery will take a long time. Aside from that, old output mod does not have the auto cut feature in the chip that works when full battery then automatically will not fill. If no the feature is then the chip will easily weaken or damaged.

However, the latest technology and development of mod manufacturers make innovations that can charge directly to the mod with auto-supplied and fast charging but available only in the latest mod vape and expensive. If the use of external charger sounds too complicated, the solution is to buy more batteries to fill each other.

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