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Do It To Clean Safe Car Glass

Do It To Clean Safe Car Glass

Cleaning the glass of the car is strongly recommended to get a car glass that always clean. However, you need to know if cleaning the car glass that is not true, then the glass will quickly crack and even broken and various other problems. if your windshield is showing signs of cracking or breaking, you can fix it with Auto Glass Repair. Your car’s glass should always be in good condition for your comfort to stay awake.

In cleaning the car you should be careful not to cause other losses. There are several ways you can do to clean the car glass safely, some of the way it is

1. Do not Use Chemicals Or Alcohol
Materials contained in chemicals and alcohol will cause the car glass becomes dirtier. Do not ever think that chemicals or alcohol can clean your car glass properly. If you use the window film in your car, this will make your car glass become more opaque.

2. Use Fine And Clean Fabrics
You can use a soft, soft cloth to clean the dirt on the glass of your car. The dirt has the potential to make scratches on your car even though it is very small and you can not see it.

3. Clean Glass With One-way Movement
You should avoid cleaning the glass with a circular motion. Because cleaning the windshield of a circular motion will sprinkle a scratch on the glass when it comes to sand attached to the glass. For that, you are advised to clean the glass with a unidirectional motion.

4. Immediately Clean the Wet Car Glass
To avoid the fungus on the glass of the car, you are advised to clean the dew that is on the glass of the car to avoid mushrooms that could arise.

5. Clean twice a day
To avoid the dirt being there for a long time, you need to clean your windshield twice a day. If you find dirt on the glass of the car, you should clean it up immediately. Dirt that has been too long will be very difficult to clean.

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