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Comparison of Manual Screen Shirt with DTG

Comparison of Manual Screen Shirt with DTG

Technology is developing more sophisticated, including in terms of print shirt making methods singapore t shirt printing, namely where the emergence of Direct To Garment Printer (Printer DTG) which is a revolution in print methods in making t-shirts. With DTG Printer consumers do not have to wait too long when ordering t-shirts supported with full-color images and order with a minimum order of only 1 pcs.

However, it can not be denied that the cost of Printer DTG is quite high, both from the price of ink and the care that the impact of the shirts become less competitive. In addition, print quality DTG printers cannot be as much as manual screen printing. You should first know each of the advantages of the two screen printing techniques. Screen Printing Manual has advantages The prints are more contrast than the DTG Printer method, especially on the white shirt. The prints on dark t-shirts are more durable than DTG printers, provided that the ink used in manual screen printing is also quality ink. While Printing DTG has advantages The average order can be done in a minimum amount of 1pcs. Workmanship is faster than manual screen printing. How? Keep interested in buying printed shirts with a variety of shapes and can you order yourself. Our singapore t shirt printing provides all the needs of your desired screen printing t-shirt.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of manual screen printing services, potential customers can more easily make decisions and know the consequences. Manual screen printing is suitable for a lot of party orders with print quality composed of several types such as standard, embossed to glow in the dark because the price is relatively more affordable, especially for large orders. Talk about the quality of the color is guaranteed to satisfy. Manual screen printing is not a wise choice for prospective customers who want a small number of messages or units. Benchmark prices fall more expensive let alone involve the use of many colors. The more complicated the color pattern, the more the production cost of swelling. That is why a number of screen printing services refuse a little order. Some potential customers claim to be less satisfied than the image-based print camera.

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