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Cool Features And Facts About Carpets

Cool Features And Facts About Carpets

For those of you who want to have a new carpet as a complement to the room, you must be confused about choosing. Both in terms of color, material, function, size, to the arrangement can be a challenge that is quite troublesome. Meanwhile, call the recommended rug cleaning sydney if you wish to clean your carpets quickly without the risk of damaging them.

Before starting further about choosing the carpet you want, there are some cool carpet features and facts that you must know, namely:


Carpets can provide a quiet and warm effect to a room thanks to the nature of general materials that can absorb or absorptive so that it can reduce room noise and increase room temperature (conductor). In addition, the carpet can also be an insulator, where the carpet material can absorb heat so that the room becomes more cool and cool even in hot weather. This means that the carpet is a complimentary room that is not temperature dependent and is suitable for use at any time.

Carpet trends

Like other home accessories, carpet trends also change from time to time. In principle, carpet trends depend on three main factors, namely color, comfort, and texture. As a homeowner, the choice of carpets goes back to their individual tastes. However, neutral color trends are always a favorite, although comfort and texture are also priorities that are adjusted to the theme and desires of each.

Mats, Carpets, and Rugs

Similar but not the same, mats, rugs and rugs have a slight difference in terms of material or material. Mats generally use woven materials such as rattan or pandanus. Carpets are made from a mixture of wool, polypropylene, nylon, and so on. While tapestries use fancy materials such as wool or silk with beautiful patterns that are colorful.

In terms of size, mats and rugs are easier to store and hold when needed, while carpets can cover up to the entire floor of the room.

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