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Do These Healthy Tips For Obesity Patients

Do These Healthy Tips For Obesity Patients

For obese patients, one of the things that should be avoided is fatty foods and various junk foods that can worsen their condition. However, some of them also prefer to perform bariatric surgery with the right surgeon. One that you can choose is Maani Bariatric weightloss. With good handling, you can be free from the disease.

In addition, for obese patients, there are several healthy tips that can be done every day. Some healthy tips in question are

– Reduce a quarter of a meal from eating habits. That way, half to one kilogram of body weight will go down within one week.

-Schedule: Eat regularly three times a day. Obese sufferers are prohibited from snacking on snacks between prescribed schedules.

– Type: Choose complex carbohydrates that contain fiber, such as brown rice and whole grain bread. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits so that the increase in carbohydrates occurs slowly. Avoid using simplex carbohydrates found in granulated sugar, Javanese sugar, syrup, and flour. Avoid proteins found in red meat. Healthy proteins are animal and vegetable proteins, such as those in fish, chicken (the skin should not be eaten), tofu, tempeh, and egg white. Fats to avoid are cheese, margarine, egg yolks, coconut milk, squid, shrimp, shellfish, crabs, offal, brain, liver, beef, and duck meat. Good fats can be obtained from various types of deep-sea fish, olive oil, and soybeans.

– The right way to cook: In principle, all food should not be processed using cooking oil. If you want to saute, use olive oil. Do not heat it directly in the pan. Pour the oil after stirring from the pan.

with these healthy tips, then you can find the best way so that your obesity does not increase and actually brings a worse impact on health. So, be sure to always control your own weight.

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