Do You Know These Benefits Of Massage For Your Baby?

Do You Know These Benefits Of Massage For Your Baby?

The baby massage can be done by parents at home as long as they know the proper methods to do it. You definitely need to learn the proper methods in order to massage the baby effectively, safely, while also avoiding risks of injuring the baby. However, knowing the method alone might not give you enough motivation to massage your baby by yourself, In this article, we will share with you some benefits of baby massage. In addition, if you are also a pregnant lady, we recommend you to go to massage gold coast to get the best pregnancy massage service Malama.

According to the international infant massage association, baby massage can help stimulate the digestive system and good blood circulation to the body. There are even many benefits that can be obtained from baby massage, including:

– Relieve digestive problems for babies, such as stomach gas, cramps, colic pain, and constipation
– Relieves muscle tension
– Reduces discomfort when teething
– Stimulate the growth of premature babies
– Helping babies relax and sleep soundly
– Provides a positive influence on baby hormones that can control stress
– Makes her cry less.

When you give your baby a massage, always remember to massage the baby gently, don’t give it too much pressure or be too strong. If the baby feels uncomfortable with the massage, stop immediately. While giving the baby a massage, you can also put on music, sing, or talk to the baby to make him more relaxed and happy.

Doing baby massage is one of the best ways to get closer to your little one. The soothing touch of your hands can make your baby feel loved and cared for. Babies will also feel very comfortable when massaged.

However, further research is still needed to ascertain the various benefits of massage the baby. Do not massage the baby after breastfeeding because it can cause the baby to vomit. It would be better if you wait at least 45 minutes after the baby has fed. Pay attention to the baby’s mood as well. Do not massage your baby when he is reluctant to be massaged, which can be indicated by turning his head, frowning, crying, or stiff arms. This shows that the baby is feeling uncomfortable.


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