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Electrical Installation Mistakes

Electrical Installation Mistakes

Do you need to install or repair electrical system at your home? There are some common mistakes that are usually found when doing home electrical installations. Although it was only a small mistake it turned out to be fatal electrician recommendation. Electrical short circuit and fire are some examples of accidents in the home due to negligence during the electrical installation process.

You are more like make the mistakes if you don’t have the experience and skill in doing the electrical job. You can hire electrical services singapore when you should install the electricity system. If you benefit from the presence of professional service, you can prevent those mistakes. The following are common mistakes that people make.

1. Installing Fake Cables and Audio Cables

On fake cables, the rating listed does not match the current conductivity. for example tether 2.5 mm but inside it is only 1.5 mm. Make sure the cable used is a cable for electricity not for audio. It is recommended to use a single cable instead of fibers.

2. Power Usage exceeds MCB Capacity

Use electricity according to the installed power. for example for electrical power. 300 VA, all power of electrical equipment is maximally 1,300 VA or less. may not replace the MCB above your subscription’s power limit. for example, we have a subscription power of 1,300VA (6A), the MCB is replaced with a capacity of 2,200VA (10A).

3. The wrong way to connect the cable

Among us may have fixed the broken cable, some common mistakes are the location of the connection between 2 (two) pieces of negative and positive cables that are close together, lack of strength of the connection and the absence of special electrical isolation. this error can cause a short circuit, electrocution until a fire. It is better to connect electrical equipment. And the repairs are carried out by electrical experts who already have an official skill certificate.

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