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Enjoying the vacation in the desert and market of Qatar

Enjoying the vacation in the desert and market of Qatar

In a country with a landscape dominated by sand, the roads to the desert are mandatory.  website here You can ride a buggy and experience the best four-wheel drive in your life! If you are lucky, you can also see camel hordes. To ride a buggy, you have to pay 250 QARs. All of the drivers are experienced so you are definitely safe. If you plan to try this activity, remember not to eat too much before! In the meantime, you might also want to try to learn arabic online, so you can at least speak with simple Arabic words when you want to ask the locals in the middle east.

Through the Desert with an ATV or Motorcycle

If you ride a buggy in your opinion, it’s still not exciting, you can also ride your own ATV or motorcycle to hit the dunes in the desert around Doha. One suggestion, don’t plan to spend a full day in the desert because the heat is still amazing even in the spring!

Take a walk in Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is a “Standing Market” where you can get the most authentic local experience in Doha. From the outside, this market looks old and old but inside, shops with modern and new decorations will surprise you.

This market sells a variety of items ranging from the Arabian rugs and various spices to parrots and shisha pipes. With so many things you can see here, you can’t miss this one in Doha.

When you go to Souq, you should not miss the opportunity to see an eagle shop. Eagle is a high-status bird in Qatar and the Middle East region. The price of this bird starts from as expensive as 2,000 QAR to half a million QAR! They even have eagle hospitals in the market because of a large number of local people who buy.

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