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Here Are Four Signs That There are So Much Goods in Your House

Here Are Four Signs That There are So Much Goods in Your House

In all houses, of course, there are many items that are usually very difficult to store, especially for small-sized houses or apartments. The number of people who prefer to live in an apartment than in a house with a large size now makes them find it difficult to store their belongings. So, the right thing is what you can choose.

You may often not realize that there are already too many things in your house and cause various problems to occur in the house. Below are some signs that your house has too many items.

1. Difficult to Move
Wherever your destination is, for example, going to a room, kitchen or dining room, you always nudge things near you. Naturally, all items are placed close together, and almost no room is really roomy to sit or step.

2. Chairs Full of Goods
Chairs, sofas, and tables are no longer used according to their functions. You see, the top of the table and chairs are often used as a place to put all your things, such as books, plates, and even shoe boxes. Re-check the contents of your closet, if there is still an empty space, put the items in the closet.

3. The more feels crowded
Even though your house has many windows, you never feel cool home. Because the pile of goods in your house blocks the circulation of air and sunlight.
The lack of air circulation also adds dust particles to the surface of the items you are stacking. WHO even said, the lack of air circulation in the house made the risk of transmission of the disease even greater, such as respiratory and flu disorders.

4. The presence of mosquitoes during the day
Usually, mosquitoes do appear more often at night. However, not infrequently you find these winged insects in the morning and afternoon. The number of mosquitoes in the house indicates a pile of items that make it difficult for sunlight to penetrate the room. In fact, if you reduce the stack of goods, sunlight will make mosquitoes reluctant to hide in a pile of goods.

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