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How to clean your coins properly

How to clean your coins properly

Cleaning coins can be done in many ways, although some argue that the money used as a collection does not need to be cleaned or made of gold or silver to be cleaned by professionals because if cleaning it themselves using tap water or chemicals as a cleaning, tap water containing chlorine that can change the color of coins and chemical cleaning materials can also damage the coins, such as the antiques and even the custom challenge coins. Here are some ways to clean a coin:

1. Using detergent-free soap: Fill the plastic container with warm distilled water (not tap water); Pour a bit of detergent-free soap; Insert the coin into the container and rub the coins slowly by hand (wash the money one by one to avoid rubbing); Rinse with distilled water; and Dry money by pressing money with a soft cloth and do not be rubbed / aerated.

2. Using vinegar and salt: Add 5 grams of salt to ¼ cup of vinegar (adjust to the amount of money), if no vinegar, can be replaced with lemon/lime juice; Insert coins into solution; Allow money for – / + 5 minutes (if money looks very dirty can be rubbed / brush after silence); and Rinse coins and drain.

3. Using ketchup/tabasco sauce: Add ketchup/tabasco sauce to the cup; Put coins into it; Allow money for – / + 3 minutes (money can be rubbed/brush after the silence), and Wash the coin with hot water.

4. Using soft drinks: Place coins into plates (do not overlap); Enter the soft drinks until all surfaces of the coin are submerged; Allow coins for – / + 4-5 hours (reverse the money to make the process evenly); and Rinse coins with warm/hot water.

5. Using metal cleaners: Wipe/apply coins with metal cleaners; Let stand a few minutes; Rub the money slowly, and Rinse money until clean.

6. Using a rubber eraser (a safer method than method number 2-5 and preferably applied to coins made of zinc / noncopper): Rub a coin with a rubber eraser and Rub a coin on the next side.

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