How to Correctly Place a Baby Into a Car Seat

How to Correctly Place a Baby Into a Car Seat

Securing the infant in his car seat might be difficult, whether he is a newborn or a toddler. But doing so is essential to keep him secure. To make sure your child is securely fastened into his car seat, use these Baby Adviser guidelines. You can also read more on the topic — Top-list best car seat for travel.

Make sure it fits properly.
Make sure the shoulder straps come in at or below the baby’s shoulders and that the strap fits comfortably between the legs because you do want to make the infant as comfortable as possible.

Maintain a secure head position.
The necks of newborns are not strong enough to hold their heads up. They tend to flop their heads sideways, which is acceptable, but when the car seat is too upright, they tend to flop their heads forward, which is not acceptable since it can obstruct the baby’s breathing. For it, there are two recommendations:

a. Snug up the straps.
By doing this, you can stop the baby from slouching and falling. This will also increase the likelihood that your baby will fall asleep in the car because newborns especially enjoy feeling held and safe.

b. Adjust the car seat’s incline.
A newborn should never recline farther than your child’s seat will allow, but only slightly enough that the angle of the car seat is retracted enough to keep the baby’s head back and his chin off his chest. And keep in mind that parents must position the baby’s head and neck when placing him or her in the seat because a newborn lacks the muscle strength to lift their head if it lands on their chest. You can adjust the car seat to a more upright posture as he gets older and is able to support his own head on his own.

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