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How To Have Our Prayers Granted?

How To Have Our Prayers Granted?

The many problems that we find every day make us unable to live and always think if God is not fair. In fact, God has given us all good things from people who love us, enough money and health.

For those who have known and believed in Him, God has said: “If you remain in Me and My word remains in you, ask whatever you want, and you will receive it god is my healer.
“Abide” in Him and His word living in them means that they live their lives with an awareness of God, believe in Him, listen to His words.

You can leave a prayer request to people who love God like this because the answers you are waiting for will surely come quickly.
They can ask Him whatever they want because if God has loved His servants God will give us thanks and always wants us to pray again and again.

Sometimes we think we know God’s will because certain things seem reasonable to us.
Then we assume that there is only one correct answer to our specific prayer, that assumption is of course that the thing we are asking for is God’s will.

We live in limited time and knowledge. We only know a little information about a situation and its implications in the future.

While God has unlimited understanding. What will happen in our lives is only He who knows. He has a goal further ahead than we can imagine.

Thus, God does not do things so simply because we determine that this must be God’s will.

The whole Bible is a picture of what kind of relationship God wants us to experience with Him and live what God wants us to be.
Therefore, get close to God with a good purpose so that when we need His help, He is always there for us.

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