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Important facts about using Earphones

Important facts about using Earphones

Almost everyone has and uses earphones or headsets. The increasing use of earphones has changed people’s lifestyles. They are increasingly fond of listening to music or watching videos from smartphones. There is no harm in using technology. however, addicting the headset has a very serious impact on our health. The World Health Organization or WHO in 2015 estimates that millions of young people in the world are at risk of suffering from hearing loss due to hearing something unsafe. No fewer than 43 million people aged 12 to 35 years in high-middle-income countries, living with hearing loss. There are lots of interesting facts about earphones that you should know, one of which is the number of active users of smartphones always increasing, it is estimated that there are around 100 million people in each country who actively use their cell phones and this will determine you can choose the best earphones with mic to protect your hearing.

As for choosing the best earphones with mic, you must obey good hearing behavior. Because listening behavior that is not safe, such as listening to music through earphones with excessive volume in a long duration, can cause hearing loss due to noise. This GPAB can be temporary or permanent. Risk factors for causes of GPAB are fairly loud noise exposure, more than 85 decibels over a long period of time and repeatedly. In addition, GPAB can also be caused by noise coming from the work environment and residence.

GPAB ??prevention can be done by limiting the volume and duration of the use of audio devices, ideally one can listen to music with a maximum volume equal to 60 percent and a maximum duration of 60 minutes. Prevention can also be done by avoiding noisy environments, avoiding loud noises, using hearing protection devices such as best earphones with mic when working, and reducing noise exposure time by adjusting work time. Most who suffer from hearing loss are children aged 12 to 15 years, therefore, as parents in the use of earphones must be considered carefully.

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