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Know Each AC Component to Have the Right Service

Know Each AC Component to Have the Right Service

AC has several components that each component there are several parts, and from the parts that have their respective functions. To fix the issue occur on each component, you can hire air conditioning service singapore, and the technician will do the right treatment and fixing option to ensure there will not be the additional issue. The AC component consists of four parts: the primary component, the supporting components, the electrical components, and the cooling component. The following describes the four parts of the components contained in the AC:


A condenser is a tool that has the function as the heat exchanger, change the form of refrigerant from gas form until becoming liquid, and lower temperature refrigerant temperature. In this section typically uses air for its cooling medium. The amount of heat contained in the refrigerant is released into the air with the help of the motor fan on the AC.


This compressor is a tool that has a function as a center of cooling or refrigerant circulation to all parts Air Conditioner or AC. The compressor is also useful for forming two different pressure regions, between areas of low pressure and high-pressure areas.

Pipe Caplier

A capillary tube is a tool that has the function to reduce the pressure of the refrigerant and regulate the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator. The main function of the capillary pipe itself is vital because it is related to two different pressure parts, namely low pressure, and high pressure.


The function of this evaporator is to drain and absorb heat from the air into the refrigerant room. The liquid form of the refrigerant will turn into gas after passing through the capillary pipe. It can be said that this evaporator is an AC component that has a function as a heat exchanger. In addition, evaporator usually fitted with silicone that serves to absorb moisture from the refrigerant.

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