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Know more about the important parts of the boiler

Know more about the important parts of the boiler

For those of you who are new to the boiler engine, we will share info on the essential components of the Caldera Pirotubular engine and its functions. However, this time, we emphasize more information about the components that support the main part of the boiler, that is in addition to Steam drum, water drum, superheater, and water heater.

The following are important components that support the performance of the main components of a boiler:

Gray Collector (Dust Collector)

Dust Collector is an ash collecting or ash-catching apparatus located along the gas stream of fuel combustion to the flue gas. Dalem using Dust Collector there are several advantages that are gained are the exhaust gases to be clean, so as not to interfere with air pollution and do not make damage to other aids.

Air Seal Damper

The water seal damper is a boiler component consisting of two dampers located on the top and bottom that double function open and close alternately to remove ash on the dust collector and prevent the outside air from coming in due to the pull of I.D.F.

Safety Valve

This safety valve serves to remove the vapor when the pressure produced exceeds the predetermined pressure at the time of valve regulation. Generally, the regulation of the steam valve pressure (Saturated Steam) is 21 Kg / cm2. While on the dry steam safety valve of 20.5 Kg / cm2.

Glass Penduga (Sight Glass)

Penduga glass is a tool that serves to see the water level in the top drum and facilitate the control of water in the kettle during the operation. Glass Penduga or (Sight Glass) is also equipped with an automatic water control device that will sound the bell and turn on the red colored lights when the lack of water and will light green lights with bell when the water load exceeds the limit.

Blowdown Continue

In this component serves to remove water boiler is done continuously. This is done if there are substances that do not dissolve. Such as froth or foam on the kettle water surface that interferes with the role of glass estimator. In addition, Blowdown Continue also serves to reduce the electric conductivity contained in the water boiler.

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