Knowing The Advantages Of A Ballpoint Pen

Knowing The Advantages Of A Ballpoint Pen

In this sophisticated era, the existence of computers, laptops, even tablets, or big screen phones makes it very easy for us to do our tasks. We also usually take note of trivial things to avoid the impact that we may be forgetful. By taking notes using a laptop or cellphone, we are increasingly leaving the habit of taking notes with pens and paper. We also need to write or take notes in a conventional way. Even though technological developments are increasingly sophisticated, we cannot deny that we will still need pens. In choosing a ballpoint, you also have to pay attention to several things so that you are not disappointed after buying it. Choose the best ballpoint pen reviews by looking at the quality of the pen such as the specifications of the ink used and the pen material. Make sure the product you buy is good and comfortable when you use it.

Writing does take time and understanding of information. You need to know that when typing, we tend to type quickly so that understanding of what we type is also not optimal because taking notes on a computer does not require much cognitive activity. This is different from taking handwritten notes with a pen. Even though we can’t write down in detail, our brains will work to try to remember the information, summarize it, then our hands write the results of brain processing. So, writing by hand will involve more of our brain activity.

On the one hand, technology such as laptops, computers, sophisticated cellphones that are supported by the internet will smoothly lighten your tasks. Unlike taking notes, apart from your brain working, you also exercise your hands, and you can say that you are productive because you take notes yourself. So that you also focus more on doing your job.

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