Making a Mockup for Website Design

Making a Mockup for Website Design

You now have a WordPress-based website, an activated theme, and a page builder plugin ready to run. Now prepare paper and pencil or pen (we will use the traditional method). You will sketch the appearance of the website you want. This sketching is then referred to as a mockup. Just enter all the elements that you want to display on the website. Of course, you can add as many details to the elements as you like. Later the mockup will act as a visual reference when you start website design in WordPress. In order to help you, you can visit creative web design in london.

Make a mockup on the computer if you prefer digital sketching instead of putting a pencil to paper. Unfortunately making mockups on the computer is not as easy as imagined. There are various processes that must be passed and cannot be done in just a minute. Please edit and revise the website design mockup over and over again until you finally feel comfortable with the layout and appearance.

When you are finished with the web design mockup, the next step is to ‘move it’ into digital form. In other words, you will be doing a website design prototype. Open the website builder that has been installed and activated using the WordPress editor. Add the elements you want to the web page and start arranging them as was created in the previous mockup.

The design prototype process depends on the type of plugin installed. There will be various details there, but don’t worry too much, for example choosing the color or font size you want to use. After this prototype is complete, you still have time to set things up. The most important thing to do now is to complete the website prototype, which contains all the elements that you have planned in advance in the mockup. With a prototype, you can find out which layout is right and which layout does not need to be included and make some changes to improve website design. It is this point that you should pay close attention to.

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