Mistaken Views About Homeschooling

Mistaken Views About Homeschooling

One of the educational paths that many parents choose is homeschooling. You’ve probably heard it a lot. But have you also understood it? Homeschooling is an educational activity that takes place at home under the direction of parents. Parents can act as teachers or also bring home tutor to the house. The commitment of parents in accompanying children to learn is the main key. Because it is not carried out in places where general education is held such as public or private schools, homeschooling clearly cannot be called an educational institution. Homeschooling is also not the tutoring institution you are used to, for example. Even so, it does not mean that homeschooling activities are only carried out at home. Students can study in the wild both in laboratories, libraries, museums, tourist attractions, and the surrounding environment.

Parents have some reasons why they choose the homeschool education model for their children. Three reasons have mostly chosen in the United States relating to a school environment that is considered unsustainable, a desire to place greater emphasis on religious or moral teaching in children, and parents’ disagreement with the education system in both public and private schools. Because it is not common, this method has many pros and cons among parents. There have been many misconceptions about homeschooling that parents have believed until now. This is one very common view of homeschooling. Homeschooling children are often labeled as unfriendly and difficult to interact with other people. Even though the reality is not necessarily like that. Homeschooling children stay socialized with many people through field studies which they can do whenever they want. When it’s time to study history, for example, they can go to the museum and interact with visitors and guides there. Want to study business?

Teaching children at home usually does not take as much time as a school in general. Because the homeschool learning schedule is flexible, it is not absolutely like studying in school. The homeschool learning schedule can be arranged according to the agreement of the child and the parents as well as the homeschool coach.

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