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Mistakes to Avoid When Designing the Website

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing the Website

Creating a website is not a difficult thing for a web designer and website developer. Collaboration between the two must be able to be created properly. Because in addition to a functioning system, web design becomes a part that cannot be left behind in building a professional website. Sometimes a designer and developer make a mistake in designing their website. To avoid such this possibility and matter, do the research to find out the quality Web Design Malaysia. The following is the explanation:

1. Turn off the back button
How important a back button is for each site visitor. It’s not uncommon for us to find a site that has the power to disable the back button on the website they built. They will redirect directly to the location desired by the visitor, without closing the page that was opened by the visitor. This, of course, makes visitors uncomfortable when visiting your site.

3. Failure to include a contact person
Too focused on creating an attractive and interactive display, don’t let you forget the important things in listing who you are and how visitors can meet you. This is important especially when you build a website for an online store or company website. When visitors hope to find your contact person on the website, but they don’t find it, it will make them disappointed.

4. Broken link
Not infrequently we will find a page that says “404 error pages” and that is certainly very annoying for your website. You must be absolutely sure that all the functions of your website are going well. And if there is a function that doesn’t work, include the Broken Link page view that attracts and makes visitors not leave your website but instead immediately contact you to fix it.

5. Design that makes access slow
The design of a website must be made as attractive as possible. It aims to attract attention and create a great magnet for loyal visitors to your website. Not infrequently the designers and developers will include an interesting design or visualization such as animated images or sound. It is important for us to keep the importance of visitors’ convenience in accessing our website. Don’t let your beautiful animation make website access slow or even inaccessible. Visitors will be lazy to continue accessing your website. Minimizing the use of Flash and other heavy animations.

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