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The modern way to cook rice

The modern way to cook rice

Rice cooking using rice cooker is an option that is now widely used people. In addition to simple step by step, the manufacturer is more practical. People no longer have to ‘wait’ for rice to ensure the rice is not burnt or must be diligently stirred so as not to crust. In addition, the advantage of cooking rice with rice cooker is the rice will remain warm whenever eaten with a warmer feature. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to take a look at The Crazy Baker reviews to find the most recommended brands of the rice cooker.

Just like cooking rice the traditional way, rice should be cleaned first. Put rice that has been cleaned into the rice cooker. Make sure the water level of one index finger.

When cooking rice in a rice cooker, there is a limit to how much rice is cooked.

The measuring line in the rice cooker pot should be considered for rice or water to overflow out and rice to expand well.

After entering the water and rice into the rice cooker, turn on the electricity and press the cooking sign. Wait for a while, there is usually a hole at the top of the rice cooker as the rice marker has matured.

Which must be considered when cooking rice

To produce the soft rice, the amount of water is very important. The results will be obvious if wrong in measuring water when will cook rice.

If you pour more water from one index finger, the rice will become soft. Even if it is too excessive, the flab will look like rice porridge.

However, if the water level is less than one index finger, the rice will be ‘half-cooked’ or often referred to as rice era. When eaten, the texture of the rice is still there so it feels hard.

We hope this info becomes useful for you, so it’d be easier for you to cook your rice the next time you want to eat some.

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