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Are You Overweight? Solve it with this Delicious Belly Fat Burner Drink!

Are You Overweight? Solve it with this Delicious Belly Fat Burner Drink!

If you feel overweight, of course after weighing and measuring properly, then you must find a way to lose weight to achieve ideal conditions. And if it is in ideal condition, you still have to fight to defend it.
Diet is one solution to lose weight and remove fat from the body. During this time we always think and think that diet is always done by refraining from consuming various types of food, even some are willing to eat raw food that feels bad and bitter, or using certain drugs. But you do not need to do that extreme thing actually, because just by consuming juice or fruit smoothies in the process with the best green smoothie blenders then you can burn fat in your body. Therefore, here are some fruit juices that can overcome the fat in your stomach!

1. Tomato juice
Tomatoes, according to the study contain compounds that can burn fat called 9-oxo-ODA. Tomatoes also contain beta-carotene and lycopene which are both effective in dissolving fat from the body.
Tomato fruit that contains lycopene is a tomato fruit that is orange or reddish. The more mature and the clearer the red color, the more the content will be.
Tomatoes also contain a number of calories that can help us feel full so that we will be able to reduce the desire to consume certain foods or the desire to snack.

2. Apple juice
Experts advise many who want to lose weight to consume lots of fruits and vegetables. One fruit that can be very beneficial to lose weight because it contains many calories and vitamins is an apple.
Apples consumed fresh or served as juice can provide a longer satiety and keep us from feeling hungry.
In addition, the apple also has a high fiber content so it is suitable when used for digestion.

3. Banana juice
Just like some previous fruits, bananas can also help facilitate digestion and provide a longer satiety. Bananas contain a lot of soluble fiber that will make the intestines become healthier. Eating bananas (banana juice) in the morning is highly recommended.
Experts also advise us to consume bananas as a substitute for unhealthy snacks.

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