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Photo Engraving On Stone

Photo Engraving On Stone

Printing photos may not be a fairly popular activity at this time because more people store photos on a smartphone or cloud. But with the latest cutting-edge laser technology, photo-engravings on slate and marble stones can be personalized placards, gifts, and memorial stones. Texts or photos carved on a natural rock will last forever. When you are looking for a gift for a wedding or birthday, memorial stones for loved ones or even pets, photo-engravings on stones will be a wonderful thing that can be enjoyed by generations. For very long periods of time, these rocks will survive outdoors, regardless of any weather. However, photo-engravings can also be enjoyed indoors without you having to worry about discoloration or fading.

Marble and slate is the best choice for photo-engravings of natural rock. This is because the contrast color displayed is very good. Natural rocks with dark colors will be the best choice for achieving high contrast without you needing to fill in the colors. When engraved properly, the laser will produce a gray or white mark on the stone. This sign will produce photos in black and white on dark natural rocks. The popularity of black and white and high contrast is the factor in the use of marble and slate stones in photo-engravings.

But there is one factor that needs to be considered before making a photo engraving on a stone that is a scratch-resistant character. If you put the photo on a table, in a glass box or on a wall, you don’t need to worry about scratches because the risk of scratching is small. But if you attach photo-engravings to areas with high traffic, be careful when choosing rock types because soft marble is easier to scratch. Marble and slate are very good for photo engraving, but you also have to carefully choose materials that are suitable for the situation and condition of your home.

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