Pros and Cons Toward Military Diet

Pros and Cons Toward Military Diet

If you already know more about the military diet and its intake, you also need to know some pros and cons of this diet.

Very honest

For some people, this may be easy to follow, because you are given a predetermined food plan structure, and this diet is relatively easy to apply.

Affordable method

While some diet plans require consumption that seems endless for chia and flaxseeds and lots of raw vegetables, then you will not find all that in the military diet method. This diet method is more focused on the number of calories you consume than what you eat.

What are the cons of trying a military diet?

Triggers food dependence on a continuous amount of calories

This diet recommends you to follow the planned eating plans as possible, and on holidays, you can eat what you want with the provisions to keep eating around 1,000 calories per day for three days, which is very contrary to the recommended standards.

Underestimate nutrition

The focus of this diet seems to be on calories entering vs. calories out, without regard to your body’s needs for micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. The main concern about this diet is that this diet forgets how important the calories itself. By ‘forcing’ people to maintain the number of calories and ignore the nutritional content.

Contains little nutrition

Life is about achieving a balance between nutritious food and, say, dairy products that are not too rich in nutrition but can make you happy, most advice on the military diet eating plan is a food choice that contains a little nutrition.


Like most other diets, you might return to your initial weight as soon as you stop applying this diet. Even if you lose a few kilograms at first, your weight will finally return once you release this diet pattern.

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