Reasons for Choosing a Couple Diamond Ring

Reasons for Choosing a Couple Diamond Ring

For a woman, a couple of diamond rings is a unique gift. In addition to diamonds that are the dream of women, couple rings are also gifts that couples really expect. Oftentimes, the relationship is linked to engagement. At least both spouses, family, and other relatives can remember each other that the relationship has progressed to a more serious level, it could even end in marriage. You can buy pink diamonds for sale in Brisbane.

Fiance itself is not actually a tradition in some countries, but this custom is still practiced in Western countries. To show this, usually, two couples exchange engagement rings, which are then pinned on the ring finger of the left hand. So why choose a diamond couple ring?

Early in the tradition, in ancient Rome, engagement rings were used as a symbol of ownership. Where a woman who already belongs to someone will use a ring made of stone, copper, iron, bone, or ivory which is only used at home. Meanwhile, if they want to leave the house, they usually replace the ring with a gold-based ring. Over time, this symbol of ownership has become a symbol of the seriousness of men towards women, namely commitment. Where someday the relationship will end in a marriage that many people are waiting for. Not only that, but the use of ring material has also changed. Not only gold rings, but diamond couple rings are becoming more and more common, especially among members of the royal family.

When entering the Victorian era, couple rings were increasingly being modified. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds were the precious stones most often used at that time to match diamonds. For the design itself, more couple rings are carved with flowers. Meanwhile, the diamond itself is still a special attraction, especially after it is determined that diamonds are eternal, as a sign that diamonds can be used as a symbol of eternal love. This is because diamond is considered to be the gemstone with the highest resistance. The diamond itself comes from the Greek word “adamas” which means it cannot be crushed or defeated. Made from one element, which is 100�rbon, in a variety of beautiful colors.

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