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Safe Tips for Meeting with Online Dating

Safe Tips for Meeting with Online Dating

If you’ve often Chat with someone and decided to meet with him, then what are the tips so that your date is safe and he did not do harm to you?

Know who you are talking to.
You cannot know everything about someone just from online dating application. No wonder if anyone uses old photos to look more handsome, for example. You must know who you are talking to, especially if he invites you to meet him. Hence, if in the profile there are only one or two photos are not clear. Anyway, you have to know what she/he looks like.

Contact them outside the app.
Many apps have chat feature where you can get to know first and this feature is very useful. But if you want to meet him, it’s cuter if you move to another more private chat: for example, chat apps that need phone numbers like WhatsApp or Line. At least know the phone number and the contact. If there is anything, this information you can hold.

Find out about them first.
If you are still not sure, find out if what he says about himself is true. If he says he’s a celebrity on Instagram, did you find his Instagram account? If it turns out you have friends who know him, try to ask first what kind of person.

When in doubt, cancel!
Do not think twice, do not feel good baseball, and do not compromise. If you are in doubt if you feel uncomfortable, and if the information he loves when you interact baseball fit the information you get from your friend (for example), cancel. Unmatch him, block him, and move on to others.

Meet in public spaces.
If you meet in a private place; like in a boarding house, apartment, or home, you cannot do anything. He’s in control. He’s the one that governs the neighborhood you meet. You cannot just walk away if things get worse and you really have to pull them out of there right now. Meet in the public sphere such as cafes, parks, malls, restaurants, or the like. If there is anything, at least you can ask someone else there.

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