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What Are The Safety Systems In The Car?

What Are The Safety Systems In The Car?

Car accidents are very common, especially in big cities. But in fact, the fact does not dampen the interest of people to drive a car as a means of transportation every day. Therefore, in choosing a car, regardless of brand or model, there is one aspect that you should look at. This aspect is the safety system technology contained in the car. Below are examples of safety systems contained in cars.

Rear View Camera
Rear View Camera is a camera to be mounted on the back of the car. The camera is a wireless camera that works at a 2.4GHz frequency. The power source of the camera is connected directly to the car battery. As for the LCD screen the recipient monitors use a power source plugged into the cigarette lighter on the car. The best rear view camera is necessary for safety in driving.

Distance Control Assist.
This technology works to keep the distance with the car in front by utilizing sensors placed on the front of the car. So if the distance is too close, then at a certain speed automatically reduce the speed of the car with brakes. Distance control active this will work if the driver does not step on the gas pedal if the driver steps on the gas pedal then this technology automatically does not work.

Around View Monitor.
This technology is a camera that is placed on all four sides of the car (front, rear, right, left). There is usually a number of cameras there are 5 pieces, combined with an infrared sensor that will turn on the camera and monitor screen if there are objects around the car. Around View Monitor technology makes the driver can see the whole of each side of the car.

Line Departure Warning.
It is a sensor technology that works by scanning the lines (line) on the road. If the driver exits the path or white line on the road then this line departure warning will give a warning alarm. This is quite important because it can also serve to indicate that the driver is getting sleepy when off track.

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