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Some of the Types of Kayaks

Some of the Types of Kayaks

These days, there are too many types and forms of kayaks, ranging from the types of inflatable kayak to the kayak which is solid. So, in this article, some of the types and forms of kayaks will be discussed in order to help those of you who are looking for the right kayak to buy at Kayaks for sale San Diego.

1. Creek Boat Kayak
This type of kayak is a kayak that is used by people who are just new to the sports of kayaking and canoeing. This is because the creek boat kayak provides high stability and is easy to control.

2. Polo Kayak
This type of kayak is usually used in the calm lake and pond. This kayak is similar to the creek boat kayak but has a more shallow shape behind to make it easier to cut off the water during the spin. This kayak is also used by kayak polo players.

3. Inflatable Kayak
This type of kayak made of the combined of latex and glass gentian. This kayak has a high power drift. This kayak needs to be inflated before used.

4. Squirt Kayak
This type of kayak is suitable to be used for a rodeo in the high currents. This is because this kayak is thin and has a limited space under which only suitable to put the feet in. the size of the kayak is only 2.5 meters so that it is able to dive.

5. Sprint Kayak
This kind of kayak is the one which is always used in most of the competitions. This is because these kayaks are long, small and thin. It is very fast and can make the oarsman using it have an excellent balance.

6. Slalom Kayak
Slalom kayak is used in a river which has a lot of turns. This kayak has a short front and a long and more bloated back. The length of the kayak is 6 meters and has a sharp front side. Those are the reasons why this kind of kayak is able to have high speed and good balance.

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