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Some of These Questions Are Always There Of Those Who Just Know Bitcoin

Some of These Questions Are Always There Of Those Who Just Know Bitcoin

If you’ve known bitcoin, then you must know that the virtual currency is the most appropriate to be invested. This can even be your best investment. at you can also get bitcoin by buying it using a credit card. So you can have it easy and you can keep it safe.

However, there are still some people who do not know about the virtual currency. then, here will be discussed clearly what questions are usually in the minds of everyone who does not know him. Some of the questions in question are

1. What is the difference between bitcoin and other online payment systems?
The presence of bitcoins is not governed by a central server or a particular central bank. That is, this medium of exchange is free of any government intervention or politician in the world and that determines what bitcoin it will be is its own user. This money will be created automatically by a special algorithm and will be distributed every 10 minutes in a package system that is usually worth 25 BTC. The money that a person has earned can only be used by the person himself and that person can only wear it once.

2. How to get bitcoin?
Most bitcoin users earn money by providing services online. the types of services themselves can vary, such as making the code or the program until the usual work such as content writing or translator. The types of services that are needed can be seen in various online forums.

3. What can you buy with bitcoin?
There are many things you can buy, such as digital cameras, watches, or even guitar. Now, there are even some areas that have used bitcoin as a payment system, such as pay hotel, buy clothes at a factory outlet or even eat restaurant. It all depends on where you use the bitcoin.

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