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Tempted to Cut Short Hair? Find out the following things first so as not to regret it!

Tempted to Cut Short Hair? Find out the following things first so as not to regret it!

Trends in short haircuts for black women tease you for follow-up try it? Before cutting your hair short, it’s better to know the following so you won’t regret it later! Indeed, not all face shapes match a short haircut, but according to hairstylist Jordi Martinez, haircuts like bob will look flattery for most facial shapes. But as your general guide, faces that have elongated shapes such as ovals, diamonds, or triangles should avoid pieces parallel to the chin because it will make the face look longer. Then for those of you who have a face that tends to be round, you should avoid the haircut bob too short like above the ears because it will make a wide effect on your face. n the moment you decide to cut your hair short, always keep in mind that your hair will be more volume and expand. So if you really have thick hair, you have to get ready to have more hair expand. Then for you the owner of curly hair, you also have to know that your hair will definitely shrink. So, don’t be too short when cutting your curly hair so that the length of your hair is still within safe limits.

When you just get out of the salon, your new short hair will probably look neat and chic in Taylor Swift’s hair, but the harsh truth is, your short hair will not last long. Yes, you can grieve over that. After you shampoo, your short hair shape will definitely fall apart and freak out. So, you have to be available for war equipment such as cut apples or other hairstyling tools that can tame out-out hair. FYI, short hair also tends to be easier and greasy, so you have to be diligent in washing your hair so that your short hair always looks fresh. When your hair is long, you can try 1001 different ways to outsmart the problem of bad hair day. From easy to go ponytail, braided hair, to trying various types of blisters. Unfortunately, the owner of short hair does not have these privileges and has to turn his brain more if he is having a bad hair day. But even though the hairstyle option is less, you can still use hair accessories such as a headband or headbands to cover your hair that is in that “not really” condition.

Let’s be realistic, won’t grow hair overnight. It takes a long time for your favorite hair to go back once you cut it short. Because of that, you need to be patient waiting for your hair to stretch back. FYI, the average hair will grow half an inch every month, so if you really have a plan to have pixie pieces, you should consider this fact first.

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