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The Details Of SumUp Card Payment Machine For Small Business

The Details Of SumUp Card Payment Machine For Small Business

SumUp is a provider of card payment machine for small business that recently purchased payleven. The major selling point of SumUp is that it offers a simple and flat transaction fee, which is great for small businesses that process card transactions with low volumes However, it might not be the right choice for business that processes a higher volume of payments in card transactions.

If you’re looking for the best payment machine, here are some details about the SumUp payment machine for your business.
SumUp Card Payment Machine for Small Business Details Information
1. SumUp Features
This card payment machine for small business has some features, including accepting all credit and debit cards, you can pay with just tap of their card or their phone, magnetic swipe, and even chip and pin. There are no fixed monthly costs, and also no contract or no paperwork for online application. SumUp card reader is compatible with iOS or Android phones and tablets that connects via Bluetooth.

2. SumUp Set-up and Monthly Fees
There are no set-up and monthly fees to use SumUp Air as the card payment machine for small business. You can get free iOS or Android app, free card reader delivery service, free dashboard with reporting, and free support via e-mail and telephone.

3. SumUp Machine Cost
The SumUp Air card machine currently costs about £59 + VAT. This is in line with normal card reader price for iZettle, but more ghat the current double promotion price. The SumUp Air also has higher prices than card reader from WorldPay Zinc or PayPal Here.

4. SumUp Add-on
SumUp does not provide official add-on products to extend the card reader usefulness. However, the company does list what receipt printers that compatible and work with the SumUp Air.

For small businesses, you may use SumUp Air as an alternative to iZettle card reader, but keep in mind that the transaction fees for both products are slightly higher. Those are some important information about SumUp card payment machine for small business.

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