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The human resource is the key to a business growth

The human resource is the key to a business growth

Often salary problems are a crucial problem for business people to choose human resources. But not infrequently just because of salary problems, business becomes difficult to develop because the learning process tends to be slower. Sometimes by giving a calendar above the average standard in general, it could be one of the proper processes of incorporating HR. Meanwhile, if you need a professional resource manager to work in your company, check out the profile of the Alberto Guth as well.

The “Disciple-making” Process

Choose some people as ‘disciples’ to be taught various knowledge in business. The discipleship process does not have to be done with professionally structured material standards, but only by involving certain human resources to participate in the business process that we do will make them learn fast. There may be a sense of misgivings because they may be after learning will leave us, but still, there are loyal people who will accompany us to grow the business. In principle, the process of discipleship is the process of multiplying, creating human resources that are ready to grow our business.

Delegating and Trusting

Hand over technical matters to pre-trained human resources. What is very difficult for some businesspeople is to delegate tasks to their employees, for fear that the work is not right. But that is often forgotten, business people have experienced the process, there is a learning process in it, then it is natural that employees have made a mistake. But with the trust given to the employee, the task delegation process will run, so that business people can see from the helicopter view for strategic thinking. Because the BUSINESS principle is not “BUSY-ness” when it is delegated properly businesspeople can do other things, including to expand or develop other businesses.

Vision Sharing

Share our visions to employees, because then they know where the business objectives they are struggling. Sometimes this is forgotten to do, so employees do not have the spirit to do a job. Employees only do routine work that can be boring, so it will not give birth to new breakthroughs. VISION will provide OBJECTIVE and GOAL together to fight for.

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