The Importance Of Electrical Cables In Installation

The Importance Of Electrical Cables In Installation

When installing electricity, it’s good if we know the distribution of cable lines on the MCB. You can understand it more with nen 3140 vp. On the house meter that shows the meter’s electricity usage, there is a central MCB. This division serves to divide the power lines so that when there is an MCB that goes down or a short circuit occurs, then we can find out which line is problematic and it will be easier to check the problematic power cable. Like the example of MCB for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

If the MCB that goes down is the MCB for the living room, then we can check the electrical wiring in the living room. If you have a high-power device, use your line. If you have electronic devices that have large amounts of electrical power such as water pumps, air conditioners, washing machines, and others, it’s better to use your path so as not to interfere with another electricity usage. For the installation of electrical installations with this special line, use quality cables and cable connections.

Don’t forget to use standardized products to connect your home electrical installation cables. When dividing the electrical installation path at home, provide your path for these devices to be safer and the cable to be more durable because the electric current load is not excessive. Grounding during electrical installation at home. Grounding in home installations is a way of distributing electricity from the MCB block into the ground. By doing grounding during home electrical installations, the results of electrical installations will be safer and avoid lightning strikes or electric shocks.

Grounding is also done so that the electricity does not explode in the house’s power lines. Use a quality plug when installing home electrical. Make sure the plug is not loose and stable. If you want to load your electrical terminal, buy a quality plug that has international standards.

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