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The keto diet is originally for the epilepsy patients

The keto diet is originally for the epilepsy patients

The ketogenic diet is one of the first epilepsy treatments and is now being reused. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. The goal of the ketogenic diet is to obtain high levels of ketones in the blood. Ketone is a product of fat metabolism, which is thought to reduce the occurrence of seizures in patients with epilepsy. Meanwhile, you may also want to learn about the keto bcaa.

Children usually do not gain weight, but the growth of the child may be somewhat delayed during this diet. It takes adherence and cooperation from parents and children to run ketogenic diets.

Ketogenic diets are usually performed in 2-12 year olds with uncomplicated overall tonic clonic seizures with a combination of two or three anti-seizure medications at maximum doses.

Diet usually begins in hospital to overcome some undesirable things early in the diet starts like nausea, vomiting, dehydration, low blood sugar levels, and seizures. Diet begins with a high-fat diet until high levels of ketone are present in the blood. During the therapy of ketogenic diet, anti-seizure medications are still given, but the dose is adjusted to reduce the sedation effect.

Ketogenik diet is usually done for 2 months, then assessed its effectiveness. When considered effective then the diet can be done up to 2 years. During this diet, the dosage of anti-seizure medication can be reduced to the appropriate dose. If ketogenic diet is not successful in reducing seizures, you should consult your doctor about other treatments that can be done.

Patients with epilepsy who do ketogenik diet should get strict supervision from family and doctors to monitor the food eaten as well as ketogenik diet effects in patients.

However, due to its low carbohydrate intake, there are so many people who have been helped in reducing their body weight significantly. That’s why it transforms from solely being used for the epileptic patients, now it’s also being used by the healthy people who want to lower their body weight quickly, all the while they can still enjoy the tasty food that contain the high amount of fat.

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