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The Myths of Diamond

The Myths of Diamond

Jewelry made of diamonds is no longer foreign to many people. Everyone dreams of having diamond jewelry. In addition to its beautiful shape will make the appearance look luxurious and elegant, this jewelry will also increase the owner’s self-esteem. No matter what your reasons for having diamond jewelry, make sure that you choose to make the purchase from the trusted store.

With the price of a diamond wedding ring or jewelry that is classified as expensive will increase the dignity and dignity of the person who wears it. No wonder many people are amazed when they see other people wearing diamond jewelry. Well, it turns out that there are many myths about diamonds circulating in a society that is actually not true. What are the wrong myths?

1. Diamonds cannot break or break

Diamonds have a robust and continual texture and are difficult to scratch by different materials except for diamond stones. Even though diamonds are hard to interrupt or overwhelmed diamonds should nonetheless be treated nicely. Diamond earrings should be stored one at a time in order that they’re now not scratched.

2. Diamond color determines the price

Besides being clear or transparent there are several diamonds that have other colors. This color can be formed naturally in the earth or synthesized through the coloring process. Although the color is a factor that influences the price of diamond wedding rings, it is not the only determining factor because it is also influenced by the amount of rust, clarity, and diamond pieces.

3. Diamonds are rare stones

There are certain colors of diamond jewelry that are only a few in the world, such as red and blue diamonds. Besides that, because the high price of diamonds is also considered a rare stone. Actually, diamond is not the rarest stone because according to the Guinness Book of World Records the rarest stone in the world is painite, which is a hexagonal gemstone in red or brown.

4. Diamonds are the most expensive stone in the world

Many people think that diamonds are the most expensive stone in the world. Until now gemstone experts are still debating whether diamonds are indeed the most expensive gemstone in the world. The most expensive diamond stone ever sold is a 59.6-carat diamond at a price of USD 83 million or around 962 billion rupiah.

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