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These Are The Bad Effects Of Atheism

These Are The Bad Effects Of Atheism

Some think that those who do not believe in God tend to embrace the idea of scientism where knowledge is everything prayer request . To what extent do your knowledge and insight reach the earth and everything in it? It must be realized that not all events that occur on this earth can be explained in theory and logic. There are things where we can only say “waiting for a miracle from God”. If indeed all things can be explained by science then surely this world will not be constantly in trouble. But look now, environmental issues, natural disasters, war, and hunger are still coloring our ears. Aside from that, perhaps you should check out urgent prayer request if you’re a Christian who can’t pray effectively.

Live only once, satisfy your heart with everything you find in this world

When you do not have faith in the miraculous power of God, there is a tendency for someone to assume that “this life is only once satisfied – satisfy yourself with everything in it”. Atheism does not have a future, they assume that death is everything so that all their lives are spent looking for as much money as possible to enjoy life with all the charm and sparkle of the world that is in it.

Too focused on worldly pleasures and very selfish

The decision to become an atheist is a principle that makes you more focused on this world. They take too much into account the events that occur in this world even to the logic of it. Adequate intellectual abilities make one pay more attention to “how to get lucky again and again without having to care about the existence of others”. The name of those who do not have a conscience develops who only lives for themselves but ignores others.

Reluctantly tested, people want to be comfortable

Those who are not religious, do not know the test of life. They want to live comfortably, aka comfort is the highest desire in their lives “do not disturb me then you will not be bothered by me”. They are looking for safety in life too much so they tend to stay away from social life.

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