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These Some Effects Of Hormone Testosterone On Men’s Health

These Some Effects Of Hormone Testosterone On Men’s Health

If in women hormone estrogen is very important, then for men hormone testosterone is the most important hormone because it will affect various things in their bodies. No wonder if many men who consume herbs to boost testosterone naturally. Herbs are believed to be better than the medical drugs that contain many chemicals. Therefore many people prefer to consume herbs compared with medical drugs.

Testosterone hormone is indeed a very important hormone for men. In addition to the impact on body shape. These hormones also affect their overall health. There are several effects of testosterone on male health, such as

– Mass Muscles
Men do have more body than the woman because it is supported by these hormones, you must have heard that the easiest way to build muscle mass is by injecting steroids, although that is not the best way to do. In fact, another thing that can be done is to have higher testosterone levels.

– Strength Bone
You must realize that women have bones that more fragile than men. This is because men have testosterone in the bloodstream so that the calcium deposition in their body is much better.

– Hair
Men have more hair than the woman, this is seen as a symbol of their masculinity and testosterone is the reason behind the growth of many hairs in a man’s body.

– Red Blood Cells
Realized or not, men have higher levels of hemoglobin compared with women. The hormone also turns out to produce red blood cells in a man’s body.

– Fat Distribution
Did you know that girls are more fat than men? This is because testosterone in the male body helps the process of metabolism and the distribution of fat in their bodies so they are more difficult to accumulate fat in the body.

From these various influences, you become aware that men do maintain these hormone levels because it is considered as an important hormone in the body.

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