This Is An Explanation About Domain Authority

This Is An Explanation About Domain Authority

You may have often heard the term Domain Authority and found many articles discuss ways to increase domain authority to make your website rank top on Google. What exactly is the definition of domain authority itself and why can domain authority affect the rank of your website on search results pages? However, before we continue, perhaps you must see the best domain registrars NZ if you have a website in New Zealand.

Domain Authority (DA) is a reference for search engines in ranking your website or blog. Search engines such as Google usually rank sites based on three things. The following is an explanation of these three things:

1. Age Domain

The longer the existence of the domain exists and the more active the activities that occur in a domain, the higher the DA value of that domain. Because this shows the consistency of users to manage their domains. Google will consider the website or domain worthy of being rated highly and this assessment can also affect its ranking on search results pages.

2. Domain Popularity

The number of incoming links from trusted websites can indicate the popularity of your website. This can be referred to as an Inbound Link, which means giving recommendations to your site (backlinks). This inbound link can also be done by commenting on other sites or blogs, or you can actively promote your domain in a related forum.

The things that have been mentioned are surefire ways so that you can increase the number of website visitors as a result of strengthening your domain in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page, which is a page for keyword search results in search engines).

3. Domain Size

The size in question is seen from the amount of content that you publish on your website. The more content or posts, the bigger the size of your domain. This is why bloggers regularly create content every day.

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