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This Is The Bad Impact Of Too Much Caffeine For Your Body

This Is The Bad Impact Of Too Much Caffeine For Your Body

The caffeine contained in coffee is proven to be very good for body health. No wonder if there are now many people who consume coffee every day. There are many coffee shops that provide coffee with various types to be consumed by many people. You can choose fresh roasted coffee that suit your taste and have the right taste.

The number of types of coffee beans that can be chosen makes one feel confused about which type of coffee to choose. Just be sure to choose the type of coffee beans that are suitable for your taste when enjoying coffee. However, consuming coffee with excessive caffeine levels can have an adverse effect on your body, The reaction to excessive caffeine consumption in a person has a varied impact. Some of the impact of caffeine on the body is:

Caffeine poisoning at a mild level will cause nausea symptoms and always be awake
At a moderate level, you will feel restless, vomiting until you increase blood pressure
While severe levels of caffeine poisoning will cause you to have severe vomiting prolonged to convulsions.
Based on the period of consumption, consuming caffeine once and in amounts that are over the recommended dosage can cause feelings of extreme anxiety, hallucinations, faster heart rate, and fever. While continuous consumption of caffeine in adults can cause feelings of nervousness, anxiety, anxiety, tremor (trembling in limbs out of the will).

Besides being found in coffee, caffeine is also contained in tea, chocolate, soft drinks, and other energy drinks. Also note that if caffeine is a substance that can cause an addictive effect and is not recommended for consumption by people with heart disease, diabetes, pregnant women and hypertension.
So, how much coffee have you been drinking today? Make sure you consume the caffeine with the right size.

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