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Tips for cooling off during hot weather

Tips for cooling off during hot weather

Living in a country with summer is very possible to face hot weather for most of the year. Not to mention the added level of pollution that is getting worse, making the air outside the room feels increasingly becoming In fact, the hot air produced from the air and the weather can adversely affect our health, especially if we do not maintain good health. Meanwhile, you should call the best ac repair las vegas whenever your AC needs to be repaired as soon as possible, especially when you can’t bear the heat of the day.

Here are some tips for keeping yourself cool while the weather is hot outside:

1. Reduce activities to carry out activities including exercise. If you have to keep doing it, choose a time when the air is cooler like morning or evening and reduce activities that require a lot of breathing.

2. Wear comfortable, thin and brightly colored clothes.

3. Clothing with cotton makes the body feel cooler than other synthetic materials.

4. Prepare a spray of cooled water in the refrigerator and spray a little after going out of the house.

5. Turn on the fan to help the air exchange process even though it has turned on the AC.

6. Store the ointment or lotion in the refrigerator to apply to hot feet after activity.

7. Store plastic bottles in the freezer and bring them when you are active outside the home. When the ice melts, you will always have a supply of cold water with you.

8. Wash as often as possible with cool water.

9. Avoid dehydration (lack of fluids) by drinking lots of water and other drinks containing electrolytes.

10. Prepare a small, battery-powered fan that can be used when outside the home.

11. If you like to wear a hat, wet a little part of the hat with cold water and immediately put it back on your head.

12. Avoid consumption of caffeine and alcohol which can speed up the process of dehydration.

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