Tips for Playing Games to Maintain Health

Tips for Playing Games to Maintain Health

Playing games is indeed very fun, especially if we have a lot of free time to play them. Both console, mobile and PC games are games that are often played so that players often neglect the game. Behind it all, there is health that continues to decline due to not keeping time playing games. It is undeniable that playing games also has a good side. It’s just that you also need to divide your time so you don’t get too long involved in playing teen patti game which will certainly cause negative things for your health. So how to play health games stay awake?

Limit Game Playing Time
If you are negligent in playing, you will forget the time to stop. The first thing you need to do is limit your playing time. Whatever the reason you have to make a certain time in playing the game, whether it’s 2 hours or 3 hours in a day, if necessary make a timer to remind you that your playing time has run out.

Avoid Difficult Game of Provoking Emotions
In playing games, emotions are really tested, especially if we play games that are difficult for us. Therefore, avoid games that are difficult for you to play or limit less time if you play difficult games.

Play Brain Teasers
As we said earlier, the game is not always in a negative position. Games also have a positive impact as if we play games that can sharpen our brains sharper.

Invite Friends to Play Together
Playing with friends is more fun than playing solo. So playing with the right friends will make it easier for you to play the game and lower your emotional level. Don’t choose the wrong friends to play with.4

Love Your Body
If a game makes us dizzy because of the point of view of the game that is not in accordance with the capabilities of our brain, stop it immediately and don’t play it again. Why do we play games but make our bodies sick. Better get time to rest.

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