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Tips for reading a property brochure

Tips for reading a property brochure

Print media or online media is indeed considered the most practical way to explain a property product. Brochures do not have to be printed on paper but can also be in digital format distributed on the internet. A good brochure will certainly attract the interest of those who see it so that ultimately they are interested in buying it. On the other hand, you may also need to see the excellent land for sale selong belanak.

Unfortunately, property brochures often use marketing languages that are often difficult to understand and can even deceive. Now, so you can understand how to read the correct language brochure, here are tips on reading property brochures that you need to pay attention to.

Advance Promo

There are many marketing strategies offered by developers or developers to make consumers interested in buying new homes or apartments. One of them is by offering relief payments.

As is well known, before applying for a mortgage, the buyer is required to submit a DP or down payment that can be up to 30 percent. To alleviate the weight of these payments, developers often offer advance promos ranging from 10 percent to “no DP” promos.

To understand this advance promo scheme, to be safe you have to ask directly with the marketing staff section. Especially for DP-free promos. This form of promotion is also rarely found and also requires certain conditions.

Understand Purchase Order Number

Maybe some of you are still unfamiliar with the Purchase Order Number, which is often included in brochure headlines. Actually, the Purchase Order Number is a sequence of purchases obtained from potential buyers by paying a sum of money.

Usually, a week or three days before the launch, potential buyers have already obtained the number. Unlike booking fees, Purchase Order Numbers are usually refundable or can be returned if canceled.

Installments and Prices

The price tag related to prices and installments often outwits prospective buyers. The first thing you should be aware of is writing a word with an ending “an” which explains the nominal price.

Even if a price seems outrageous, you cannot blame the developer because affixes ending in “an” do mean to explain a range of non-specific numbers. So do not be impatient and make sure by asking questions.

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