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This type of acne needs to be expelled for destroying your appearance

This type of acne needs to be expelled for destroying your appearance

Acne is a condition in which hair follicles are blocked by oil and dead skin cells. Knowing the various types of acne is one thing that is not less important. So you do not misstep in cast out acne from the face. Acne not only worsens the appearance at the time of its appearance. But it can also leave a scar that is no less annoying. The presence of acne is characterized by oily skin, small nodules, and blackheads. There are various types of acne with various locations arising in addition to the facial skin. For example, on the shoulders, back, chest, and neck. Discover popping zit videso by visiting our website.

Some acne may be solved only by using acne medications available in the store. However, some types of acne can actually make a person stress and require handling of the dermatologist because of the severity. Know the types of acne below, before you decide the right treatment to overcome them.

– Cystic Acne
A person who has acne stone will usually be more at risk of having other types of severe acne. Acne stone is a red cyst that is large enough under the skin and contains pus that makes it look like a boil. If you are experiencing acne stone, it is advisable to consult this with a dermatologist. Because the use of over-the-counter drugs in stores is usually not sufficiently powerful in eliminating this type of acne.

– Severe nodulocystic acne
This condition is where a person has an inflamed stone nodule and pimple. The color can turn into purple or scarlet. Severe nodulocystic acne will usually leave a pretty disturbing wound. Under certain conditions, the doctor may inject corticosteroids straight into the acne. This is done in order to reduce the inflammation and size of acne that can be quite painful.

– Acne conglobate
This type of acne is commonly experienced by men. Conglobata acne is usually caused by the consumption of testosterone and steroids. It is the most severe form of acne and involves a lot of inflamed nodules. These nodules are interconnected with other nodules beneath the surface of the skin. This acne can spread in the buttocks, chest, arms, and neck. The scars caused by acne of this type can certainly be so annoying.

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